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Better Together with Will Hurd

interviews Aug 11, 2023


Everyone wants systems that operate fairly and efficiently, from the justice system to immigration. But how might our government address these issues in lasting, meaningful ways that represent what the majority of Americans truly want? Presidential Candidate Will Hurd joins Sharon to chat about engaging voters in primary elections to ensure stronger candidates in the General Election. The country is ready to have thoughtful conversations about what issues matter to them in a way that unites, rather than divides. Will Hurd explains that in his experience, whether the district was ruby red or a deep blue town, people share the same frustrations and goals. 

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Will Hurd is a Presidential candidate, former member of Congress, cybersecurity executive, and officer in the CIA. For two decades William Hurd has been involved in the most pressing national security issues challenging the country, whether in the back-alleys of dangerous places, boardrooms of top international businesses, or the halls of Congress. Will is a native of San Antonio and graduate of Texas A&M University. He is a trustee of the German Marshall Fund, board member of OpenAI, and managing director at Allen & Company. 

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