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An American Love Story with Ilyon Woo

podcast Apr 26, 2023

On this episode of Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, Sharon talks with Ilyon Woo, author of the new book, Master Slave Husband Wife, a love story between William and Ellen Craft. You may not be familiar with their names, but the Crafts were a determined enslaved couple who made their escape through disguise and performance, and in their success, defied the limitations of gender and race.


Hosted by: Sharon McMahon

Guest: Ilyon Woo

Executive Producer: Heather Jackson

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Researcher: Valerie Hoback


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About the Guest: 

Ilyon Woo is the author of The Great Divorce: A Nineteenth-Century Mother’s Extraordinary Fight Against Her Husband, the Shakers, and Her Times and the recipient of a Whiting Creative Nonfiction Writing Grant. Her articles have appeared in publications such as The Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal, and she has received support for her research from the National Endowment for the Humanities, among other organizations. She holds a BA in the Humanities from Yale College and a PhD in English from Columbia University.


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