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Episode 36: Civility and Civic Duty with the American Moms

podcast Oct 04, 2021

In this episode, Sharon is joined by American Moms, Andrea and Brittany. After serving as a press secretary on Capitol Hill and a speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Andrea and Brittany took their knowledge about the inner-workings of the federal government and started a viral Instagram account that takes the overwhelm out of politics. They share funny stories from their jobs and speak on the importance of promoting civility in politics. Sharon and the American Moms also give advice to listeners about how to teach their children the basics of American government and involve them in respectful political conversations. 

Link to Full Episode:

This Episode Will Teach You:

  • What it was like to serve as press secretary on Capitol Hill
  • What is was like to serve as a speechwriter for the White House
  • Politicians are humans, too
  • How to promote civility within politics
  • Debunk political misconceptions
  • How to take the overwhelm out of political news
  • The importance of local news
  • How to teach your children about American government and politics
  • The importance of speaking respectfully about politics, especially in front of children

3 Biggest Takeaways:

  • The American Moms, Andrea and Brittany, explain their past roles as a press secretary on Capitol Hill and a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Both describe their experiences and their perspectives about politicians, reminding listeners that politicians are humans and, like the rest of us, imperfect. Brittany also details a funny and embarrassing story about the time President Bush misread one of her speeches. 
  • Next, Sharon and the American Moms discuss what it means to promote civility in political conversations. Andrea and Brittany point out that some people comment on every post they disagree with on social media. They explain how this is unnecessary and unhealthy. As well, the three discuss the importance of being kind when discussing politics, especially in front of children. Passing down hatred does not accomplish anything in politics. 
  • Lastly, they discuss how to take the overwhelm out of consuming the news and the importance of our civic duty. Andrea and Brittany encourage listeners to learn from various sources of news, starting with local news to avoid overwhelm. As well, they believe that an American’s civic duty is to positively impact their community, and this starts within the family. They discuss how listeners can involve their kids in political conversations and explain the basic workings of American government.

About the Guests:

Andrea, a former press secretary on Capitol Hill and news reporter, and her twin sister, Brittany, a former White House speech writer, are two moms on a mission. Their viral Instagram account teaches followers how to understand politics and promote civility.

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