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Comedy for the Curious with Adam Conover

podcast Jan 09, 2023

On today’s episode of Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, we hear from comedian Adam Conover. Sharon and Adam talk about the intersection of education and comedy. Oftentimes, when we’re ready to laugh, we’re also ready to learn. It’s a philosophy Adam has relied on during his successful career as a comedian who shares interesting facts about the ways the world works with his audiences. Follow along as the pair talks about their similar childhood experiences with always being “that kid” who asks questions for the sheer pleasure of learning how things work.


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About the Guest:

Adam Conover is the creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV, the Adam Ruins Everything podcast on Maximum Fun, The G Word on Netflix, and a new podcast, Factually!. Before creating the show, he was a sketch writer and performer at CollegeHumor, and a member of the sketch group Olde English. He performs standup comedy regularly across the country.


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