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Embrace Your Almost with Jordan Lee Dooley

interviews May 21, 2022


In this episode, Sharon and entrepreneur, author, and podcast host, Jordan Lee Dooley have a discussion about the lessons to learn in the almost spaces of our lives. For many of us, achievement of one goal leads us to feel like the finish line is always moving; we’re always reaching to complete the next goal. Jordan advocates for slowing down and redefining contentment, and to consider it active engagement in our lives no matter where we are in relation to our goals. We can find this active contentment by looking for ways to serve, finding a hobby, getting curious, checking something off our bucket lists, and plugging in to a good community. The “almost” space is also a great place from which to pause and evaluate; sometimes our dreams shift and change, but change does not mean we have failed.


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About the Guest:

Jordan Lee Dooley is the national bestselling author of Embrace Your Almost and Own Your Everyday and is the host of the top-rated podcast SHE. She is also the founder of the Own It Academy, a digital education company, and SoulScripts, a words company known for its

phrase Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here. She has been featured in outlets such as Hallmark’s Home and Family, Forbes, Relevant Magazine, Thrive Global, That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs, Christy Wright Business Boutique and more. A big dreamer, ruthless planner, and ambitious go-getter, Dooley has learned firsthand how setbacks, broken plans, and disrupted dreams provide us an opportunity to clarify and live out what we truly value in a world of overwhelming options and demands. With Embrace Your Almost, she’s on a mission to teach women how to make the most of the middle and pursue meaningful goals that align with what matters most.


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