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Episode 97: Washington in Flight: The Boeing Aerospace Legacy with Carolyn LePine

podcast Feb 28, 2022

In this episode, Sharon’s sister Caroyln joins her to hear a bit about the history of flight and the Boeing family. While German immigrant Wilhelm Boeing made his fortune in natural resources like timber and iron ore, his son, William, is best known for–you guessed it–taking the fledgling field of aviation to new heights. Learn about what prompted William to build his first seaplane, how both World Wars impacted the growth of the Boeing Airplane Company, and why Boeing eventually retired from the biz. Additionally, Sharon shares a small history of flight attendants and their original job descriptions and duties might surprise you!

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About the Guest:

Carolyn’s jobs have been varied—including make-up artist, doula, and musical theater actress, but she has now settled on being a mom of seven, a pseudo influencer, and a renovator of a run down 8,000 square-foot (many years empty) mansion she and her husband purchased this year. Most importantly, she is Sharon‘s YOUNGER sister. You can follow her home renovation journey on Instagram at @homesweetvictoria.

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