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Humor, Grief, and Modern Motherhood with Taylor Wolfe

interviews Aug 28, 2023


Today, Sharon welcomes back comedian and writer Taylor Wolfe to discuss her heartwarming memoir, Birdie & Harlow - Life, Loss, and Loving My Dog So Much I Didn't Want Kids (Until I Did). You might know Taylor from following her online at The Daily Tay, where she’s known for her entertaining videos and impressions of influencers, along with characters we’re all too familiar with from everyday life. Together, they discuss the nuance of modern motherhood when everyone has an opinion, the need for laughter even among deep grief, and how everyone is their own kind of weird. If you have a pet you love dearly or if you’ve faced the challenges of navigating what a chosen family may look like – all with a dose of lighthearted humor – this is for you. 

Special thanks to our guest, Taylor Wolfe, for joining us today. 

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About the Guest:

Taylor Wolfe began writing her blog, The Daily Tay, fourteen years ago. She is a writer, comedian, and founder of Taylor Wolfe Shop and Chilly Wolfe. Her debut novel, Birdie & Harlow- Life, Loss, and Loving My Dog So Much I Didn't Want Kids (Until I Did) will be released September 19th, 2023. She lives with her husband, Chris, and two daughters, Birdie and Goldie, in the Pacific Northwest. She does not enjoy writing bios about herself in third person, but she really wants to follow Sharon's podcast instructions so here we are.


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