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Episode 121: Lessons to Save Your Life with Dr. Edith Eger and Dr. Marianne Engle

podcast Apr 26, 2022

In this episode, Sharon sits down with psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Edith Eger and her daughter–who is also a psychologist–Dr. Marianne Engle. When Dr. Eger was a young girl, she was a talented gymnast who trained for the Olympic games but was instead imprisoned at Auschwitz. As a survivor, she has written beautiful books full of light and healing. Dr. Eger advocates that we don’t ask “Why me?” but rather, “What now?”, which is a question that promotes action and an openness to change and possibility. Both Dr. Eger and Dr. Engle remind us that you can’t heal what you don’t feel; acknowledging our stories is a step toward freedom.

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About the Guests:

Dr. Edith Eger is a sought-after clinical psychologist and lecturer, helping individuals discard their limitations, discover their powers of self-renewal, and achieve things they previously thought unattainable. Using her own past as a Holocaust survivor and thriver as a powerful analogy, she inspires people to tap their full potential and shape their very best destinies. Her first book, The Choice, became a New York Times Bestseller, beloved by Oprah and thousands of readers, which details her experience as a Holocaust survivor and invites readers to join her in moving from recovery to discovery and beyond.

In her most recently released book, The Gift, she offers a hands-on, practical guide that encourages readers to change the thoughts and behaviors that may be keeping them imprisoned in the past. Along with her daughter, Dr. Eger is releasing a new edition of The Gift on April 26th, just in time for Mother’s Day. The original edition launched in September 2020 to rave reviews from celebrities and readers alike for its warm and insightful approach to dealing with life's most complex challenges. These bonus chapters cover navigating and moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic specifically as well as 17 recipes from Dr. Eger and Marianne’s kitchen -- given their shared belief in the healing power of food.

Marianne Engle, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and a sports psychologist.  Her clients have included professional athletes and teams from the NBA, PGA, and the America’s Cup sailing race in addition to elite athletes in ice skating, baseball, tennis, soccer, water polo, squash, dressage, volleyball, etc. Marianne has written a sports psychology program for youth athletes and coaches to enhance commitment, physical and mental skill building, and group dynamics. She is currently on the faculty of the NYU Langone Medical School. She has held faculty appointments at Harvard, MIT, and UCSD in addition to being a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Sport and Society. She is a board member of the NYU Sport and Society program. Marianne also has a long history as a food writer and cook.

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