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Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew, Episode 1

mayhem Oct 09, 2023


Welcome to our new series, Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a journey through the Decade of Defiance, with all its scandals and secrets. 

As the decade devolved into war at home and abroad, Apollo 13 flew high above earth with the hope of landing safely on the surface of the moon. But then: disaster struck, and time was on no one’s side. Meanwhile, thousands of miles below the Apollo 13 spacecraft, a nationwide uprising among college students ended in disaster at Kent State and Jackson State Universities. With special guest Apollo 13 astronaut, Fred Haise.

Writer, Host, and Executive Producer: Sharon McMahon

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Writers and Researchers: Amy Watkin, Mandy Reid, and Kari Anton

Production Coordinator: Andrea Champoux 

Thank you to the Kent State Shootings Oral History Project. Kent State University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.


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About our Expert:

Fred Haise is an American former NASA astronaut, engineer, fighter pilot with the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force, and a test pilot. Haise was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 13, from April 11-17, 1970.

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