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Nothing Is Missing with Nicole Walters

interviews Oct 06, 2023


Sharon welcomes back close friend and CEO, Nicole Walters, to share all about her captivating memoir, Nothing Is Missing. The daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, Nicole writes about her experience growing up in America through the lens of a different kind of American dream, both in how she was raised, and by forging her path as a TV personality, motivational speaker, and building a multi-million-dollar business. Nicole talks with humility about not having all the answers, granting grace to ourselves and others, and the learned skill of saying “I don’t know,” when you haven’t learned something yet. Through struggles, obstacles, and falling down only to get back up again, this conversation demonstrates how to show up for ourselves, and mindfully create our lives with confidence and boldness.

Special thanks to our guest, Nicole Walters, for joining us. 

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About the Guest:

Nicole Walters is a former top-selling corporate executive who quit her six-figure sales job to pursue her passion and build a multi-million-dollar business, coaching fellow dreamers and entrepreneurs. She is the host of a popular podcast, a TV personality, in-demand motivational speaker and the author of the forthcoming memoir Nothing Is Missing: A Memoir Of Living Boldly. Nicole is passionate about teaching everyday people how to own their power and trust they already have everything they need to succeed. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her three beautiful daughters and trombone-playing partner, Alex.

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