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Proclaiming the Truth of Black Dignity with Jasmine Holmes

interviews Sep 04, 2023


We’re joined today by returning guest, Jasmine Holmes, to dive into the state of Black history education in America, and to discuss her new book, Crowned with Glory: How Proclaiming the Truth of Black Dignity Has Shaped American History. Jasmine shares about Black abolitionists who fought for the dignity of their fellow mankind based on the principle that because people are created in God’s image, they have inherent dignity, worth, and human rights. When pockets of resistance throughout history are glossed over and forgotten about, and curricula are revised to be more palatable, how is one to broaden their perception of American history in a way that does not do it a disservice?

Special thanks to our guest, Jasmine Holmes, for joining us today. 

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About the Guest:

Jasmine L. Holmes is a passionate writer and educator who celebrates Black stories through her books and public history resources. With a love for literature and academic rigor, she immerses herself in research to uncover the hidden narratives that shape our world. Her commitment to centering Black experiences shines through in her writing, which includes the books Carved in Ebony, Mother to Son, and Crowned with Glory. As a research assistant and teacher, Jasmine shares her expertise with lifelong learners and educators alike, inspiring them to expand their understanding of history and its impact on our society. Alongside her husband and three sons, Jasmine calls Jackson, Mississippi, home. Learn more

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