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Respect is Contagious: Restorative Justice with Judge Victoria Pratt

interviews Jun 03, 2022


In this episode, Sharon has a conversation with Judge Victoria Pratt, who’s new book, The Power of Dignity, looks at the ways in which respect in the justice system needs to go both ways. She shares her belief that we have a moral and professional obligation to look our for our neighbors; the whole community benefits when everyone is living their lives to their best and fullest potential. In the courtroom, when people are treated with dignity and respect, it increases their trust in the justice system and bolsters the authority of the people who uphold it. To increase public trust in our justice system, we must allow people to have a voice in the process, give them time to speak, ensure that the court process is neutral, and, above all, look people in the eye. Respect is contagious: everyone in court is impacted by how they are treated by those in positions of authority.


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About the Guest:

The Honorable Victoria Pratt served as the chief judge of the Newark Municipal Court, is a professor at the Rutgers Newark School of Criminal Justice, and has taught at the Rutgers School of Law. Her TED talk, “How Judges Can Show Respect,” has been viewed over thirty million times. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey


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