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Episode 81: Rhode Island: The Bravest Woman in America with Taylor Wolfe

podcast Jan 21, 2022


In this episode, Sharon sits down with Taylor Wolfe, comedian and wig lover, to talk about Rhode Island’s most famous lighthouse keeper, Ida Lewis. A strong swimmer and rower, even as a petite woman, Idawalley Zoradia Lewis faithfully kept the lamp lit at Lime Rock Light Station and rescued as many as 36 people from drowning during her lifetime. These feats of heroism catapulted her to nationwide fame in the mid-1800s and even led to a visit from President Ulysses S. Grant. Ida was sixteen when she made her first rescue, and sixty-three when she made her final rescue, earning the title of the bravest woman in America.

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About the Guest:

Taylor is a comedian, writer, and sometimes an influencer of teeth whitener. She lives in Denver with her husband Chris and one-year-old, Birdie. Her Instagram videos have been featured on the Today Show, CBS, and Chicago Morning News when she fell off her kitchen chair and chipped her tooth. She enjoys wigs, hikes, apr ski time, and does not enjoy writing bios about herself in third person. Everyone go follow this lovely woman @thedailytay, she seems like a lot of fun and is also very thirsty for followers. 

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