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Secrets of the Civil War: Survival Off the Battlefields

secrets of the civil war Mar 24, 2023

Let’s talk about what life was like during the Civil War for people who weren’t on the battlefield. What did they get up and do every day? What did they worry about? We’ll witness the war through the eyes of five women whose stories are symbolic of the real experiences–the hopes, the sorrows, the loneliness and the joy–that countless women endured during the Civil War.


Special thanks to the curators of the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Museum, including Sister Lavonia “Lee” Bailey, Reverend Edward Maurice Bailey, Nelson Polite, and Minnie P. Vinson.


Hosted by: Sharon McMahon

Executive Producer: Heather Jackson

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Written and researched by: Heather Jackson, Valerie Hoback, Amy Watkin, and Mandy Reid


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Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Museum


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