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Sharon Answers Your Questions!

sharon answers your questions Aug 15, 2021

Introducing Sharon Answers Your Questions! This marks the first episode of Sharon randomly selecting five questions from her listeners and answering them with wit, heart, and as always – stone-cold facts. The topics of this episode include: executive orders and Second Amendment sanctuary states. Are executive orders constitutional, and what is a Second Amendment sanctuary? As well, Sharon will explain how to weigh a historical figure’s positive contributions against their problematic beliefs and behaviors. Should past presidents be role models? Sharon will also address how to respond compassionately to people that are unintentionally spreading disinformation online and explain ways that we are currently more united as a country than in the past… These episodes are fueled by YOU. What are you curious about? Drop a voice memo here, and Sharon might answer your question on the next episode of Sharon Answers Your Questions! 

Link to Full Episode:


This Episode Will Teach You:

  • Do presidents have the power to issue executive orders? 
  • Limitations of executive orders 
  • Meaning of Second Amendment sanctuary states and if they’re constitutional
  • How to weigh the positive contributions of a historical figure against their problematic beliefs or behavior 
  • How to address disinformation posted online by friends and family
  • Why comparison between America’s recent months and the Holocaust are grossly insensitive 
  • Ways that America is more united than ever before


3 Biggest Takeaways:

  • Sharon answers Eric’s question about executive orders and how this power has been granted to presidents. Sharon clarifies that executive orders are constitutional under Article II of the Constitution. To date, American presidents have issued tens of thousands of executive orders - FDR alone signed over 3,000 executive orders. However, there are limits to executive orders: a president cannot pass an order that violates the Constitution or existing laws, exceeds the power of the presidential role or does anything expressly forbidden. As well, presidents have the power to eliminate any previous executive orders. 
  • Sharon responds to Annie who asks about Second Amendment sanctuary states. Sharon explains that this term is strictly symbolic, meaning states with this label are showing their opposition to federal gun laws and refuse to use local resources to enforce these laws. This is unconstitutional, and it is to-be-determined how the federal government will react. Additionally, Sharon addresses Kendall’s question about how to reconcile the positive contributions of figures in U.S history with their extremely problematic beliefs and behaviors. Sharon suggests weighing both the positive and negative contributions of their lives - not giving equal weight to each - and making the decision for yourself..Sharon then answers Rebecca’s question about how to address a fearful friend’s insensitive view that spreads disinformation on social media. Sharon advises listeners to approach the situation with compassion and embody the peace she wants her friend to find. As well, Sharon strongly urges people to stop comparing U.S current events to the Holocaust. Lastly, in response to Melissa’s question, Sharon explores different ways she sees America as more united than ever before. Sharon sees a hopeful trend: the general public wants a fair legal system and equal rights for all people.

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