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Texas: The Original Goal-Getter with Ashley Rose Reeves

states Feb 09, 2022

You've seen the pink cadillacs and probably been invited to a party or two. Today, Ashley Rose Reeves joins Sharon to hear the story of one of Texas’s most iconic business owners: Mary Kay Ash. Tired of being passed up for raises and promotions to her male colleagues in the 1960s, Mary Kay drew up her own business plan, armed with enthusiasm, charm, hard work, and five thousand dollars. By the early 90s, Mary Kay Cosmetics made over a billion dollars annually and became the largest direct seller of skin-care products in the United States. Learn about the savvy, smart woman who started it all.


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About the Guest:

Ashley Reeves is a body-positive mother, entrepreneur, and speaker who has been featured on Good Morning America and NBC's Nightline News for her social media platform. She has spent the last decade building better body image and empowering others to do the same. Her online community encourages sisterhood, self-acceptance, and finding new ways to find more peace in the midst of a busy life. She loves social media and the power it has to connect and help others.


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