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The High Stakes of Haaland v. Brackeen with Rebecca Nagle

interviews Jan 18, 2023

Sharon speaks with award-winning journalist Rebecca Nagle about an important case that SCOTUS will rule on later this spring: Haaland v. Brackeen. Learn about the history of the Indian Child Welfare Act and how the Brackeen case was built. Rebecca uses easy-to-follow language to break down the intricacies of the lawsuit, from its beginnings as an adoption case in family court to its gathering legal momentum and multiple appeals. If ICWA is ruled unconstitutional, what dominos will start to topple?


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About the Guest:

Rebecca Nagle is an award winning journalist and citizen of Cherokee Nation. She is the writer and host of the podcast This Land. Her writing on Native representation, federal Indian law, and tribal sovereignty has been featured in the Atlantic, the Washington Post, The Guardian, USA Today, Indian Country Today, and more. Rebecca Nagle is the recipient of the American Mosaic Journalism Prize, Women’s Media Center’s Exceptional Journalism Award, a Peabody Nominee, and numerous awards from the Native American Journalist Association. Nagle lives in Tahlequah, OK, where she also works on language revitalization. 


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