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The History of Our Fears and Obsessions with Kate Summerscale

interviews Nov 07, 2022

Why do so many of us find dolls and clowns unnerving? Why do we react with a shriek when we see a mouse skitter across the kitchen floor? And what super famous American entrepreneur suffered from koumpounophobia, or the fear of buttons? Joining Sharon is author Kate Summerscale. She recently wrote The Book of Phobias & Manias, which highlights the roots and history of our fears and obsessions. 

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Kate Summerscale lives in London. She attended Oxford and Stanford universities and then worked at the Independent and the Daily Telegraph, where she was obituaries editor. Her latest book is The Book of Phobias & Manias, and her previous books include The Wicked Boy and The Haunting of Alma Fielding.


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