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The Humanity Archive with Jermaine Fowler

podcast Jan 16, 2023

On today’s episode of Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, Sharon talks to author and public library advocate, Jermaine Fowler. Jermaine and Sharon talk about the value of seeing history outside of the binary of either unflawed or unredeemable. We, and our children, need access to a well-rounded history that’s free from white-washing or censorship.


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Jermaine Fowler is an author and self-proclaimed intellectual adventurer who spent his youth seeking knowledge on the shelves of his local free public library. Between research and lecturing, he is the host of the top-rated history podcast, The Humanity Archive, praised as a must-listen in Vanity Fair. Challenging dominant perspectives, Fowler goes outside the textbooks to find stories that are recognizably human. Connecting current issues with the heroic struggles of those who've come before us, he brings hidden history to light and makes it powerfully relevant.

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