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The In-Between with Hadley Vlahos

interviews Aug 09, 2023


When we know a loved one is about to die, what do we do? How can we best show up for them, and gently hold space for them in the in-between? Sharon is joined by Hadley Vlahos, RN, who has written a bestselling book about her experiences working as a hospice nurse. Hadley walks us through the discomfort of death with great compassion and empathy while considering what it means to live well, and to die well. She explores commonalities in death spanning across a variety of faith backgrounds, many of which have no definitive scientific explanation. We’re encouraged to embrace the dignity in dying by allowing our loved ones to share their experiences in death. 

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Hadley Vlahos, RN, is a hospice registered nurse, mother, and wife. Her husband also works in the medical field as a doctor of physical therapy. Vlahos started her career as a registered nurse at twenty-two. As a hospice nurse, she now visits people at their home while also educating and sharing stories about hospice care on social media, where she has more than a million followers.

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