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Episode 143: The Power of Community, Micro Actions, and Boundaries with Jenna Kutcher

podcast Jun 15, 2022

In today’s episode, Jenna Kutcher sits down to talk with Sharon about the release of her first book, How Are You, Really?: Living Your Truth One Answer at a Time and how she wrote the manuscript in secret, doing it on her own terms. Jenna loved the refining process with her book, which saw it evolve from a business and marketing subject into a book that gets more personal, tackling topics like body image, loneliness, community, and personal intuition. Sharon and Jenna also touch on their shared sense of community living in the same Northern Minnesota city, and how to both tackle life’s challenges one small step at a time and say no when you need to.

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About the Guest:

Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mother, and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. Creator and host of the top-rated Goal Digger Podcast, she’s helped thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online personality and educator.

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