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The Power of Words with Faith Cade

interviews Aug 23, 2021

In this episode, Sharon and therapist Faith Cade dive into the world of mental health and self-care. While a conversation about bubble baths and spa trips would be fun, Faith shares something so much better - how to implement practical self-love into your life. Faith explains what self-care really is and how self-affirmation can replace the negative voice inside our head with a voice that is hopeful and empowering. As well, Sharon and Faith speak on the immense responsibility we all carry: the responsibility of our personal mental health. This episode covers how we can address the anxiety and overwhelm we may be feeling from the past year by setting boundaries, protecting our emotions and practicing joyful and meaningful rest everyday. 


Link to Full Episode:


This Episode Will Teach You:

  • How journaling and practicing self-affirmation changed Faith’s life
  • What is practical self-care?
  • Self-care looks different for everyone
  • How people’s mental health has recently suffered
  • How to navigate anxiety and overwhelm
  • How to change what the negative voice in your head is saying
  • Mental health is our personal responsibility
  • How to use self-care to refill ourselves so we are able to pour out
  • How to preserve our mental health by resting


3 Biggest Takeaways:

  • After a car accident left Faith with a traumatic brain injury that ended her career, she fell into anxiety and depression. At the time, she could not afford professional help to aid in the process of improving her mental health, so she resorted to journaling and practicing self-love. Faith and Sharon discuss what self-love and self-care truly is - and why it’s different for everyone. Faith describes practical self-care as a practice that allows us to recreate times we were filled with joy, peace and comfort. Self-care practices can’t be translated from a magazine page into your life. You have to discover the practices that make you feel fulfilled and rested.  
  • Faith explains why she believes there has been a general decline in people’s mental health following the pandemic. Faith encourages listeners to seek professional help and provides advice on how to receive treatment if you think you will not be able to afford a counselor or therapist. As well, Faith explains how self-affirmation can also improve our mental health by replacing the negative and hurtful voice in our head with a voice that tells a more positive and helpful narrative. 
  • Lastly, Sharon and Faith discuss the importance of realizing that our mental health is our responsibility - no one can take care of it for you! Two great ways to protect your mental health are setting boundaries and practicing rest. When we identify our boundaries and communicate them with others, we avoid stretching ourselves too thin or burning out altogether. Faith emphasizes her message of “saving you for you” because rest allows our bodies to not only stay mentally healthy but physically healthy. 


About the Guest:

Faith Broussard Cade is a certified counselor and experienced speaker devoted to encouraging others through daily affirmations on her viral Instagram account. Faith has published two guided journals (“Because You Are Worthy” and “Because You Have Purpose”) that teach the transformative power of self-care and self-love. Faith is also a food blogger and pastry chef, and she enjoys spending time with her family in their Atlanta home.


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