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The Republican Presidential Nomination with Doug Burgum

interviews Aug 23, 2023


Sharon is joined by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum to hear directly from the Republican Presidential candidate ahead of the presidential debate. In a time of cold wars, culture wars, and economic unknowns, Burgum makes the argument that it’s time for the federal government to refocus its priorities. Burgum also took the position that it’s time to “get away from the celebrity President and get back to the idea that the President is an operating job and needs to focus on the job description.” Burgum and Sharon discuss how the Republican nominee will need to win over some political independents, who often fall into the category of the exhausted majority. Gov. Burgum explains why he believes his experience in both the public and private sectors make him the ideal candidate to do just that. 

Special thanks to our guest, Gov. Doug Burgum, for joining us today. 


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About the Guest:

Doug won his first term as governor in 2016 and was reelected in a landslide in 2020. Forbes named Burgum "America's Best Entrepreneurial Governor," and the Wall Street Journal says Doug "shows [his] background as a businessman and entrepreneur." Under his leadership, North Dakota has led the nation in innovation, creating a boom across the energy, agriculture and technology sectors. Burgum has three adult children and is married to Kathryn Burgum, now a nationally known advocate for addiction recovery. 

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