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Episode 115: The Right: The Hundred Year War for American Conservatism with Matthew Continetti, Part 1

podcast Apr 11, 2022

In this episode, Sharon speaks with journalist and author Matthew Continetti about the evolving history of conservatism over the past one hundred years. Continetti has spent the past few years researching and writing about the American Right. History is the study of change, and Continetti’s book leads readers through the changing landscape of America as it has shaped consrervitive politics since 1920. Sharon and Matthew talk about Abraham Lincoln, the public embracement of Republican leadership after World War I, immigration, the constitution as an anchor for the Republican Party, and more in this first part of a two-part conversation.

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About the Guest:

Matthew Continetti is a journalist and intellectual historian of the Right. He is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, the founding editor of the Washington Free Beacon, and a columnist for Commentary magazine. The author of The Persecution of Sarah Palin and The K Street Gang, he lives in Virginia.

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