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Turning $24 into a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Nicole Walters

interviews Dec 06, 2021

Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Truth teller. Sharon sits down with Nicole Walters to talk about Nicole’s incredible journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur and television star. Nicole shares how she built a multi-million dollar business after having only $24 in her bank account. As well, Sharon and Nicole talk about the importance of humility, learning new things and expressing empathy when hearing others’ perspectives. In this lively episode, join Sharon and Nicole as they chat like old friends while also sharing some wisdom and hilarious stories. 


Link to Full Episode:


This Episode Will Teach You:

  • How Nicole became the host of a TV show 
  • How Nicole started her own business
  • How Nicole’s background shaped her career and perspective 
  • Why experiencing different circumstances creates empathy 
  • Navigating social media as a public figure 
  • How Nicole’s business helps entrepreneurs 
  • Importance of humility 
  • Nicole and Sharon’s shared love for animals 


3 Biggest Takeaways:

  • Nicole explains how she started her business and landed a spot on a TV show. Nicole claims that she got to where she is today because she started doing what she loved and wasn’t afraid to put it out into the world. Nicole describes how she learned to stop being fearful of others’ perceptions of her and her career. As well, Nicole shares that her family came from a lower socioeconomic status. Her parents were immigrants and taught her that America was a place of many opportunities. Nicole grew up believing she was not limited by her circumstances. 
  • Currently, Nicole’s business, Inherit Learning Company, stands in the gap of passion and entrepreneurship, and teaches people how to monetize their small business. Nicole offers courses, events and one-on-one sessions to her clients. Sharon also asks Nicole how she navigates social media as a public figure, and the two discuss the importance of creating boundaries on their platforms. 
  • Lastly, Sharon and Nicole chat about the various things they have learned, such as the importance of humility and the joy of learning from new perspectives. They both believe that humility does not stem from a lack of self-confidence, but instead avoids toxic pride. As well, they talk about their shared passion for learning new things and listening to new perspectives. Finally, Sharon and Nicole talk about their love of animals and laugh over their debate about raccoons. 


About the Guest:

Nicole Walters is a former Fortune 500 executive who quit her job and created a one-million-dollar business in one year. She now coaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business and build their legacy.


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