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About Sharon

Sharon McMahon is on a mission to curate facts, fun, and inspiration by educating Americans on democracy, politics, and history.

After years of serving as a high school government and law teacher, Sharon took her passion for education to Instagram with a mission to combat political misinformation with non-partisan facts. Sharon has earned a reputation as “America’s Government Teacher'' and quickly amassed over a million social media followers, affectionately known as “Governerds.” Sharon is also the host of the top-rated podcast, Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, where, each week, she provides entertaining yet factual accounts of America’s most fascinating moments and people.

In a time where flashy headlines and false information often takes the spotlight, Sharon is a reliable source for truth and logic. She has shared her knowledge with CNN, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and Good Morning America. In 2022, Sharon was the recipient of PRWeek’s Communicator of the Year Award as well as the the noteworthy Jefferson Award. She has also been featured in The Atlantic.

In all that she does, Sharon encourages others to be world-changing humans. She has led her community in various philanthropic initiatives that have raised more than $6 million for teachers, domestic violence survivors, terminally ill children, medical debt forgiveness programs, Ukrainian refugees and more.

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