Hi, I'm Sharon McMahon.

Sharon McMahon is a former high school government and law teacher who earned a reputation as ‘America’s Government Teacher’ amidst the historic 2020 election proceedings for her viral efforts on Instagram to educate the general public on political misinformation. Through a simple mission to share non-partisan information about democracy, Sharon has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers online, affectionately called the “Governerds", who look to her for truth and logic in a society plagued by bias and conspiracy.

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Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson resides near Buffalo, New York with her husband and two young daughters. She’s lived on the shores of three different Great Lakes so it’s safe to say she enjoys moody skies and rocky shorelines. Heather has a degree in English Lit and likes to geek out about etymology. She has worked for fifteen years as a copy writer and editor for various print and digital publications, concentrating on amplifying the voices of women. Heather is also involved with local activism and politics and has successfully campaigned for clean air and industrial regulation in her community.

Yarissa O’Hara

Yarissa O’Hara is a Disney fanatic who found her dream role working as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World Resort once upon a time. Since then, her career has focused on serving others in marketing, events, and customer service. She has traveled the world managing global corporate events. Yarissa also loves to travel with her husband, trying out cuisines and experiencing new cultures. When they’re home, their favorite pastime is cooking for one another. 2020 made Yarissa a first-time mom, and she can’t wait to share her passions of Disney, travel, and food with her son.

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