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Welcome to the award-winning Here's Where It Gets Interesting library of documentary podcasts, where you can learn mind-blowing history you've never heard before. Click on a series below to learn more about the incarceration of Japanese Americans, Native American boarding schools, how women won WWII, and more!

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Mayhem: The 1970s You Never Knew

In a world filled with scandals and secrets, economic chaos reigns. Revolution is in the air. War ripples at home and abroad, as America unravels into the decade of defiance.

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Taken: Native Boarding Schools in America

Listen to this 9-part series that sheds light on an under told part of American history: when native children were forcibly taken from their communities by agents and sent to government-funded schools.

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From Hatchets to Hoods: The Mayhem of a Dry America

This series focuses on the events and people that made a difference during a turbulent and influential time in our nation’s history. From the speakeasy door to the Oval Office, Prohibition brought out the best — and the worst — in America.

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Secrets of the Civil War

Learn how the war paved the way for new ideas–some good, like the advent of ambulances, and some… not so helpful, like the Army’s camel brigade. We’ll talk about photography, spies, emancipation, and even a war within the war.

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How Women Won WWII

Explore the incredibly varied and complex roles women stepped into during World War II. No, they weren’t GIs. They didn’t land at the beach on Normandy on D-Day, or face military combat, but without a doubt, the roles they performed shaped the way the war was both fought and won.

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Resilience: The Wartime Incarceration of Japanese Americans

Learn more about the strength shown by the 120 thousand Japanese Americans who were forcibly removed from their homes, their neighborhoods, their jobs, and their schools.

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Momentum: Civil Rights in the 1950s

Look at the first decade of the Civil Rights Movement: its key players–some well known, and some not so well known–and the ideas that picked up speed as the nation barreled toward the policy changes of the 1960s.

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Here's Where It Gets Interesting is an award-winning podcast with over 300 episodes! Listen to interesting conversations, many historical docuseries on a range of topics, and so much more! 

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