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How to be a Good News Consumer with Jessica Yellin

interviews Aug 02, 2021

In an era of the 24-hour news cycle, we are constantly bombarded with new information, analysis and opinions. Sharon sits down with long-time journalist, author, and former CNN Chief White House Correspondent, Jessica Yellin to tackle the topic of the media and news. Sharon and Jessica are here to teach listeners how to cut through the noise and discern what is actually news. Jessica gives an insider’s look into the faults she sees in today’s media, while also reminding listeners the essential role the media plays in our society. Sharon and Jessica believe the media has the ability to inform and empower the American public. Listen to find out how they believe this is possible. Spoiler alert: it starts with you!  


Link to Full Episode:


This Episode Will Teach You:

  • How to find news in all the noise 
  • What is a fact? 
  • How prognostication in the media is problematic 
  • Journalistic standards and how the media decides what is newsworthy
  • Mainstream media motives 
  • How to determine if news is opinion, analysis or hard-fact 
  • How the media could be improved, according to Jessica Yellin 
  • Why the media is necessary 


3 Biggest Takeaways:

  • Jessica and Sharon discuss the importance of discernment when consuming news. In a 24-hour news cycle, the sheer volume of information Americans are bombarded with is overwhelming. Jessica uncovers how listeners can determine if news is hard-fact, analysis or opinion. When consuming news, discernment is key. Jessica advises listeners to pay close attention to the language used in news articles and think about the media’s motives for sharing that particular piece of information or analysis.  
  • Using her insider knowledge, Jessica details how a news story is born and the extensive verification process reporters go through to confirm the facts of their story. Jessica reminds listeners that reporters typically have noble motivations and share valuable expertise that is able to inform and empower the public. On the other hand, she also points out that sometimes reporters cite larger media organizations, causing misinformation to spread if the source does not have the facts of the story right. 
  • Jessica and Sharon also shed light on the negative aspects of the media, discussing how media outlets are money-driven businesses more than they are political actors. With the motivation of money, the media can sensationalize pieces in hopes of more viewers. As well, they discuss the detrimental effects of prognostication in the media and how talking about “the worst case scenario” increases American anxiety and distrust of the media. 


About the Guest:

Jessica Yellin is an author, respected journalist and former, Emmie-award-winning CNN Chief White House Correspondent. After spending decades working for some of the biggest media outlets in the country, Jessica wrote the book, “Savage News” and currently uses her viral Instagram account to provide “news not noise.” Jessica is now on a mission to carefully discern what information from the media is actually newsworthy and share it with her followers. 


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