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Raising Critical Thinkers with Julie Bogart

interviews Feb 25, 2022

Being a critical thinker, and raising critical thinkers, does not mean we need to dismiss new technology all-together, but rather, find our “technological optimism.” If we’re going to be critical thinkers, we need to get in the habit of asking questions to understand instead of listening to argue. Sharon chats with Julie Bogart, creator of the award-winning Brave Writer program. Sharon and Julie talk about the benefits of leaving behind our information safety nets–the communities that only reinforce our own opinions–to explore information in new and open ways. Julie emphasizes that the best way to understand and care about each other is to be open to, and become fascinated with, different viewpoints. 


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Julie Bogart is known for her common sense parenting and education advice. She’s the author of the beloved book The Brave Learner, which has brought joy and freedom to countless home educators. Her online coaching community, Brave Learner Home, the Brave Writer podcast, and Julie’s popular Instagram account are lifelines for tens of thousands of weary parents all over the world. Julie’s also the creator of the award-winning, innovative online writing program called Brave Writer, now 22 years old, serving 191 countries. She home educated her five children who are globe-trotting adults.

Today, Julie lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and can be found sipping a cup of tea while planning her next visit to one of her lifelong-learning kids.


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