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Shipwrecked: Diving with a Purpose with Dr. Sean Kinglsey

podcast Apr 19, 2023

Today on Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, Sharon welcomes Marine Archeologist Dr. Sean Kinglsey. Learn about how marine archeology is carried out, what the divers look for when they dive and explore shipwrecks, and how the information is pieced together to fill in gaps of the history of human migration, and specifically, the transatlantic slave trade, in which 12.5 million Africans were transported around the world against their will.


Hosted by: Sharon McMahon

Guest: Sean Kingsley

Executive Producer: Heather Jackson

Audio Producer: Jenny Snyder

Researcher: Valerie Hoback


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About the Guest: 

Dr. Sean Kingsley is a marine archaeologist who has explored over 350 wrecks from Israel to America. Off the UK, he identified the world’s earliest Royal African Company English ‘slaver’ ship. Sean writes for National Geographic and is the founder of Wreckwatch magazine about the world’s sunken wonders.


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